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2nd Source Skirt Steak

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Smoke Eater Skirt Steaks hold the top position as the grilling king alongside the boneless NY strip steak. And just as the strip can also be cooked on your stovetop, so can the skirt. This makes the skirt steak the perfect meat for experimenting, especially considering how quickly it cooks. The skirt steak is the thinnest of all the cuts, so you can cook it from start to finish in under 5 minutes! And thanks to its decent marbling, it is also a very tasty cut that goes great with marinades and rubs. When serving your skirt steak, be sure to cut it into strips against the grain. Doing so will release the tension in its muscle fibers, resulting in a very tender steak. Experiment away!

Care Instructions

All meat should be frozen immediately upon receiving. Begin thawing the night before cooking.

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